90’s Pop Songs Picture Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to theĀ 90’s Pop Songs Picture Quiz:

Firestarter (box of firelighters)
Unchained Melody (music with chain)
Can’t Touch This (“do not touch” tape)
Mr Blobby (on balcony)
Love is All Around (“Love” on walls)
Man in the Mirror (man looking in window)
Red Alert (red light on wall)
Angels (angels coming around street corner)
Blue (da ba dee)
Wonderwall (“Wonder” on wall)
Genie in a Bottle
Ice Ice Baby
Rhythm of the Night (metronome with night sky inside)
Monkey Wrench (wrench/spanner at front of image)
Hey Boy, Hey Girl (children with bails of hay)
Pump up the Jam
Ride on Time (cowboy on clock)
Flying Without Wings (plane with no wings)
Steal my Sunshine (hand taking sun from sky)
Spaceman (astronaut)
Man on the Moon
Wannabe (“1A” bee)
Smells Like Teen Spirit (bottle of perfume “eau de teen”)
Candle in the Wind
Torn (piece of paper at front)
Tearin’ up my Heart (playing card)
The Key
Song 2 (“2” on iPod)
Saturday Night (poster with knight)
Barbie Girl
Vogue (magazine at front right)
Babe (piglet)
Basket Case (wicker suitcase)
Backstreet’s Back (“Back St” sign, written backwards)
I’m Too Sexy (car numberplate “IM2SXY”)
S Club Party (balloons etc)
Bills Bills Bills (letters at front right)