This is where I collect shortcuts, tutorials and quick solutions that I have learned since I began using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop in 2011.

Align to page in Illustrator CS3

Click the “artboard” icon in the Align palette. Now select the object(s) to align, and the alignment you require. Select the artboard icon to align to page To align a number of objects, in their current orientation, to the page, group them first. Then align (with the artboard icon selected), then you can ungroup them later. […]

Where’s the outline of my brush gone in Photoshop?

QUICK ANSWER: caps lock is probably on. SLOW ANSWER: Photoshop gives you the option of seeing the outline of the brush, or the centrepoint of the brush. Both have their merits, depending on whether you need to know where the brush will reach to, or the line/point around which the brush will take effect. Use […]

Move a selection or shape while drawing in Illustrator

Hold down SPACE BAR while dragging out the selection/shape to reposition. Release space bar to return to resize mode. We’ve all had trouble accurately dragging out a selection box, especially when using an ellipse or rounded rectangle box. Well, maybe not all of us, but I definitely have. I find this especially useful when I […]

Dictionary of Photoshop keyboard shortcuts

These are the Photoshop keyboard shortcuts I find myself using the most often. They have made my life a lot easier and get the job done quicker. a-z a = selection tool shift+a = change selection tool (path selection tool/direct selection tool) ctrl+mouse click in pen mode = use direct selection tool on path points b […]