Dictionary of Photoshop keyboard shortcuts


These are the Photoshop keyboard shortcuts I find myself using the most often. They have made my life a lot easier and get the job done quicker.


a = selection tool

shift+a = change selection tool (path selection tool/direct selection tool)

ctrl+mouse click in pen mode = use direct selection tool on path points

b = brush

[ = make brush smaller

] = make brush bigger

shift+[ = make brush softer

shift+] = make brush harder

alt/cmd while in brush mode = use eyedropper tool to pick colour

ENTER while in brush mode and path on screen = stroke path

c = crop tool

d = switch back to default foreground and background colours (black/white)

e = eraser

f = change screen display mode (standard/full screen with menu bar and application bar/full screen)

g = gradient tool

shift+g = change tool (gradient/paint bucket)

i = eyedropper tool

l = lasso tool

shift+l = change lasso type (freehand/polygonal/magnetic)

m = marquee tool

shift+m = change marquee shape (rectangular/elliptical)

p = pen tool

ENTER while in pen mode = clear path (stop working with this path – path is still available in “paths” in layers pallette)

t = text tool

u = shape tool

shift+u = change shape tool (rectangle/rounded rectangle/ellipse/polygon/line/custom shape)

v = move tool

arrow key while in move mode = move selected layer

ctrl+arrow key while in any mode = move selected layer

w = magic wand

shift+w = change magic wand type (magic wand/quick selection tool)

x = switch between foreground and background colours

= zoom tool


alt/cmd when drawing a shape/selection, or resizing = draw/resize from centre

ctrl+mouse click on item on canvas = select item/layer

ctrl+mouse click on layer = select multiple layers

ctrl+; = show/hide guides

ctrl+alt+= lock/unlock guides

ctrl+shift+= snap

shift+click on layer = multiple selection (across range of layers)

space bar (hold+drag mouse) = pan

ctrl + other key

ctrl+a = select all

ctrl+c = copy

ctrl+shift+c = copy merged (make selection, pick multiple layers, copy merged)

ctrl+d = deselect

ctrl+e = merge layers

ctrl+f = apply last filter

ctrl+g = group layers

ctrl+shift+i = inverse selection

ctrl+j = new copied layer (duplicate layer within same document)

ctrl+n = new

ctrl+shift+n = new layer

ctrl+o = open

ctrl+r = show/hide rulers

ctrl+s = save

ctrl+shift+s = save as…

ctrl+alt/cmd+shift+s = save for web and devices (use to save proofs)

ctrl+t = free transform

ctrl+v = paste

ctrl+shift+v = paste in place

ctrl+w = close

ctrl+alt/cmd+w = close all

ctrl+x = cut

ctrl+z = undo (only allows last action to be undone)

ctrl+alt+z = step backward through actions

ctrl+shift+z = step forward through actions

ctrl++ or – = zoom in/out

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