Superbowl LI Infographic

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In the run up to Superbowl LII, I decided to revisit the previous event, widely regarded as the greatest Superbowl ever played. The New England Patriots overturned a 28-3 deficit in the second half to win the game in overtime; the first Superbowl to be decided in this manner.

So many records were broken during the course of the game, and the game itself was so incredible, that it seemed a great opportunity to delve into the stats and find out what actually happened. American Football also has unrivalled statistical resources, recording every single aspect of the game, meaning that I could also recreate the game in the form of a graph, or territory map.

See the full-size Superbowl LI infographic here

Superbowl data

At the top of the infographic is the main data about the game, and the two teams’ season leading up to the Superbowl. Their 16-game regular season record is shown game by game, followed by their two playoff games, and their point scoring record (for/against).

Statistics from the game itself are shown below, comparing the teams’ performance in different categories and highlighting which statistics broke Superbowl records. The two quarterbacks and three other key players from each side are also compared against one another.

Play-by-Play Game Map

The lower section of the infographic is taken up with a play-by-play reenactment of the game, showing the position of the ball on the field, and how each team is aiming to progress. Touchdowns, turnovers, rushes, passes, punts and kicks are all shown, along with a running score and game clock.

Close-up of play-by-play data

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