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I have produced dozens of designs for sports team kits and large-scale sporting events; all of these can be found on my sports design website, openbracket(ultimate).

In the production of these kit designs for sports teams, which include national team designs for Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Finland, Australia, the Netherlands and Ireland, I either worked directly with the client, or was contracted through the manufacturing company.

In the case of the World U23 Ultimate Championships 2015 and the World Ultimate Championships 2016, I was approached by the organisers of the events to produce a logo, branding, brochures, corporate materials, maps, player passes and online graphics.

Other sports design projects.

Superbowl LI Infographic

Revisiting the data from the greatest Superbowl ever played.

World Ultimate Championships Data Visualisation

Communicating data to the ultimate-playing world that was previously impossible to see.


A new way of coaching and learning about Ultimate Frisbee. Flik. Train better. Play better.

World Ultimate Championships Event Materials

I was asked by the UK Ultimate Association to produce designs for all printed materials for the World Ultimate Championships 2016.

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