Regal Code

Logo design

I was asked to produce a logo design for Regal Code, a new web development business.

The logo had to be simple and modern, and lend itself to use online on the company’s website, and other online outlets.

The client asked that the logo be designed to enable an icon to be used separately from the words, for example as a favicon or app icon. This icon was designed to evoke the field of web development using the < and > symbols commonly found in HTML and PHP coding.

Final logo design

Initial designs (1)

Initial designs (2)

Initial designs (3)

Initial designs (4)

Other logo design projects.

Medical Skin Lab

Logo and web design for Harley Street cosmetic dermatology clinic, Medical Skin Lab.

openbracket(ultimate) sports kit design

Sports team kit design and branding for large-scale sporting events.

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