Medical Skin Lab

Business stationery Logo design Web design

(Website is maintained by the client; therefore content cannot be guaranteed to match the original design)

I was asked by Dr Nav Paul of Medical Skin Lab to produce a logo, business stationery and web design/development for her new clinic on Harley Street.

Dr Paul wanted a clean and clear website that communicated the services offered by the clinic in a manner that was easy to understand, reassured patients, and was maintainable by her and her staff.

The logo was to represent the same values as the website, communicating cleanliness and a clinical message. Dr Paul liked the blue and turquoise colour scheme and felt that it fitted well with the field of business. The slogan of “great skincare is in our DNA” was originally planned to be used as an element of the logo, however this was eventually dropped and would be used when required on promotional material. The DNA aspect of the design remained, with a DNA helix shape comprised of floating ribbons forming the main logo. Both I and Dr Paul agreed that this communicated the medical and cosmetic/beauty sides of the business well.

Dr Paul also wanted to emphasise that the business was based in London, so the smaller type at the bottom of the logo was added, to give the design the upmarket feel that she was looking for.

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