John Grisham Novels Picture Quiz

Picture quiz

I was asked by BeeLiked, together with Doubleday Publishing, a division of Penguin Random House, to help with their promotion of author John Grisham’s 30th novel, Camino Island. As part of an online adventure experience, a cryptic picture quiz would be created containing clues to the titles of each of Grisham’s 30 novels.

This was a challenging project given the titles that formed the basis of the clues; some of them did not immediately lend themselves to being represented visually and required some lateral thinking or use of plot devices from the books, rather than clues to the actual title itself. This makes the quiz even more of a challenge, but the audience that will be completing the online adventure will likely have a strong knowledge of Grisham’s back catalogue.

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Final cryptic picture quiz image

Final stages of clue development

Layout finalised

Around half clues in foreground completed

Early planning stage, around half of all clues placed

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