Head to Toe: the Human Body in Numbers

Infographic Poster design

Charting the numbers associated with amazing facts about the human body, in an attractive and informative way.

Experimenting with style

This poster was my first experiment with designing in an infographic style. I took inspiration from the increasing number of examples online and in newspapers at the time, and tackled a subject that interested me. I used BigNoodleTitling for the font to show the main information in each case, as it is big, bold and clear, and fits nicely into rectangular spaces. I chose a serif font to counter the big sans-serif headings and create a bit more visually engaging design.


All elements of the poster were illustrated by myself, with the exception of the chimpanzee!

Rating my success

I really enjoyed producing this design, and think that I achieved the style I was aiming for in my self-set brief. I like how every time I look at the poster, I see something that I missed the last time.

If I were to redesign the poster now, four years later, I would neaten up the large human body graphic, and potentially use some of the space within the body to include further information. I would also choose a different font for the “the human body in numbers” subtitle, as this seems a little out of place. I would use this new font for the headings on the right of the poster, as I think that these stray into over-use of the main title font.

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