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In 2014 I partnered with my friend Sion “Brummie” Scone to form a new way of coaching and learning about Ultimate Frisbee (Ultimate). As a growing sport, many coaches are players themselves, who learned from the previous generation, and so on. This means that coaches can sometimes feel quite isolated and find it difficult to know what is “the right thing” to teach to their team.

We set out to build a tool that wouldn’t preach this so called “right way” to do things, but to offer ideas and a suggested method of delivering the information to a team of players of all ages.

After a month of promotion and a successful Kickstarter backing, Flik was born.

Flik takes the form of a website, filled with drills, sessions, theory and video analysis. With Sion writing the content, I am responsible for the web and graphic design requirements. This included developing and maintaining the website, and producing all drill diagrams, coaching clinic merchandise and promotional material.

I developed a custom-built WordPress theme, and extended the capabilities of WordPress to allow us to create all the necessary content, and restrict access to the relevant user levels.

Other sports design projects.

Superbowl LI Infographic

Revisiting the data from the greatest Superbowl ever played.

World Ultimate Championships Data Visualisation

Communicating data to the ultimate-playing world that was previously impossible to see.

World Ultimate Championships Event Materials

I was asked by the UK Ultimate Association to produce designs for all printed materials for the World Ultimate Championships 2016.

openbracket(ultimate) sports kit design

Sports team kit design and branding for large-scale sporting events.

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