Graphic design projects

Below are a selection of my favourite graphic design projects, completed using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

Colours of the London Underground

I am fascinated by the simplicity and complexity of the London Underground map. This design celebrates the colours synonymous with the world-famous tube map.

Superbowl LI Infographic

Revisiting the data from the greatest Superbowl ever played.

Visualising the London Underground

Visualising 10 years of entry/exit data about the London Underground.

World Ultimate Championships Data Visualisation

Communicating data to the ultimate-playing world that was previously impossible to see.

John Grisham Novels Picture Quiz

Quiz containing clues to the titles of each of John Grisham's novels, on behalf of BeeLiked and Penguin Random House.


A new way of coaching and learning about Ultimate Frisbee. Flik. Train better. Play better.

World Ultimate Championships Event Materials

I was asked by the UK Ultimate Association to produce designs for all printed materials for the World Ultimate Championships 2016.

Jurassic 5 Discography

Analysing the four sample-heavy albums of one of my favourite bands to see what’s going on.

Mastercard BRIT Awards Picture Quiz 2016

I returned to produce a second cryptic picture quiz on behalf of Mastercard, in support of the 2016 BRIT Awards.

Back to the Future Timeline

What happened when? Who changed what? Where did everybody go? I decided to find out.

Medical Skin Lab

Logo and web design for Harley Street cosmetic dermatology clinic, Medical Skin Lab.

openbracket(ultimate) sports kit design

Sports team kit design and branding for large-scale sporting events.

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