Hi, I’m Richard Taylor. I’m a graphic and web designer from London, and this is my online portfolio.

I love creating exciting and innovative designs for people to enjoy, and I pride myself on my attention to detail.

Where I came from

I grew up in Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire; I now live in Wandsworth in South West London, and work on Baker Street in central London as the lead in-house web designer for a worldwide electrical manufacturer.

I studied product design at Loughborough University, where I stayed to complete my PhD in 3D printing for medical training devices, graduating in 2010.

I then made the fairly major decision to change my career focus from engineering to graphic design, which I had always loved, and had always been more than a serious hobby of mine. I took on an unpaid internship in North London to build my skills and find out if this was really for me; I found that I thoroughly enjoyed the challenges that this new role had to bring.

While at the internship, I started to work on web design projects and quickly found that this was something I really enjoyed, and wanted to pursue further. I spent many long hours at home learning more, doing freelance work and personal projects to build my skills. A year and a half later (after having been hired on a full-time basis), I left to take up my current position as a full-time web designer.

Since then, I have focused more and more on my development skills, to provide me with the knowledge I need to be able to not only design a great-looking website, but to build and maintain it too.

What I do

Most of the time at work you’ll find me with a coffee and a pack of Kettle Chips at my day job, or at home working on freelance projects.

At work, I am the lead web designer and front-end developer at Luceco plc. I am responsible for the design of all our company websites, and oversee the work of two other designers.

As a freelance graphic designer I design business stationery, logos, promotional materials, infographics and data visualisations, and more recently, cryptic picture quizzes for online traffic generation and social engagement.

As a freelance web designer I use WordPress to develop custom-themed websites that can easily be handled by my clients once I have finished my work, so they may take complete control over their site, adding pages, images, blog posts and making all the important decisions themselves, without having to come to me for help. Of course, if they do need any help, I’m happy to provide it.

Take a look at my work so far

What tools and languages do I use?

On a daily basis I use HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS and MySQL database systems, creating and maintaining our company websites. I also have to make regular use of Adobe Creative Suite.

The majority of my freelance work is graphic design, using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. I love to create clean, clear and subtle designs using Adobe Illustrator, and use it most frequently in my sports kit design projects.

A bit more about me

I played Ultimate Frisbee for 13 years, starting at university in 2003 where I was team captain from 2009-2010. I have represented Great Britain four times, becoming a European Champion with Great Britain Mixed in 2015. I made the decision to stop playing because I felt that I had achieved everything that I had set out for myself all those years ago, and that now there were other things I wanted to try. Two knee operations also kind of helped that decision…

Playing Ultimate has taken me all over the world, to amazing places with amazing people. I’ve travelled to Australia, Japan, USA, Dubai, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Lanzarote, Denmark, Hungary, Holland, Belgium and many other places besides. I feel very lucky to have been a part of this growing sport.

I am busy planning for my wedding in May 2018, and am piling the pressure on myself by producing all the printed designs needed for the big day.

When I’m not planning a wedding, working or travelling, I enjoy learning to play the guitar, watching sport, cooking, music, films… but most of all I just enjoy designing cool stuff.

Planning your next project? Contact me to find out how I can help.